My Gift To You

Dwayne Parsons, Realtor
Professional Realty Services Idaho
License #40-243

Welcome to My Site

You’ll find I take being prepared very seriously. It’s a chaotic unsure world out there with a lot of folks going in a lot of conflicting directions. But I’ve found not only security here in the Panhandle of North Idaho, but a tremendous amount of outdoor recreational possibilities blended with a rural population of very smart, very savvy people. So, on this site, you will find commentary, how to, what is and why for…all related to the ModernPrepper, a term coined by a dear friend of mine, Photographer Eric Anderson.

If anything of what I’ve said strikes a cord, then please subscribe. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I’m a serious writer and also a Realtor. Of course, some of what I will post here has to do with the latter, but I feel that your decision to buy property in a scenic respite like the Panhandle deserves knowledge, insight and awareness.

That’s my endeavor: to bring you the best of these three attributes. And if, along the trail, I’ve shown you a place to live like no other, then I’ve accomplished two very important commitments.