Serenity Place

On the backside of Sandpoint, just against the mountain, in a defensible corner of a subdivision called Serenity Place is a house made extraordinaire by a retired Apple Engineer who cares about surviving–anything.

Possibly The Most Secure House in Idaho’s Panhandle

When I first took this listing, I was rapidly introduced to several inter-related systems that define this property as an advanced ModernPrepper‘s dream. I don’t write that lightly. The seller of this property is a retired Apple Engineer. Since his retirement he has taken increasing interest in being prepared for any and all forms of potential disaster…those things that like Hurricane Harvey can disrupt and collapse large areas of economy, travel and health for masses of people.

One of the more important, most overlooked aspects of being prepared is how you protect yourself against prolonged power failure. This set of solar panels (themselves backed up with another set of four stored in a faraday storage cage) is wired to the house batteries, but entirely off-grid. In other words, It does not feed into the electrical grid in any manner. It is a solar back-up of all things electrically important to this house only.

It’s taken me some time to coagulate even a moderate understanding of the incredible systems work my seller has installed. The result of his work, the culmination of it, is that Serenity Place, which looks like a moderate upscale contemporary home in a comfortable setting, is actually one of the most secure houses in the Panhandle of Idaho, if not in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t believe me?
Then stay with me. Sign up with my site. This house alone has been the inspiration behind developing ModernPrepper.Info, the site you are now reading. This house and my growing awareness of its safety and backup systems has virtually changed my entire outlook about how we live, what we do, what we rely upon and how we prepare for massive grid failure.

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