Property Overviews

Overview – what is prepper real estate?


What is a prepper ready property?

  1. Independent water supply (individual well or small community well that can run from generator or external power)
  2. Independent sewer system
  3. Backup-power system (solar, battery bank, propane generator, EMP/Faraday shielded, off-grid, large propane tank)
  4. Backup heating (wood-burning stove, propane fireplace for emergencies, woodshed)
  5. Poultry setup for eggs, etc.
  6. Garden setup
  7. Defensible
  8. Not in dense housing area
  9. In cases where sufficient land area is part of property, horses, cattle, or other animals, grazing land
  10. one or more neighbors nearby that are ready to defend the area

These are most of the things a property can provide that would qualify it as “prepper ready.”  If the property is simply in a good location, and these things can be easily added, that is a “prepper base” property.  Of course there are some “base” properties that have some things already added, such as a well and septic system, for example.


what is a prepper base property?