Priest Lake Moods

Priest Lake Photo Experience

I arrive at Upper Bear Creek Road halfway up the long Eastside Road a few miles north of Indian Creek Campground. I’m there to capture the wild sunset I’m sure to experience in this marvelous, pristine setting. My goal is to take interior photos of a small cabin that sits high up on a wooded ridge above the lake. The cabin is for sale; but I know from earlier life experience that this area experiences terrific sunsets and that’s what I’m really after.

As the sun sets over the western shore a single property lights up against a dark background, north of Bear Creek on the Eastside.

I’m standing on the dock of the bay at Bear Creek, spell bound by the clear air and developing sunset on a lake I know so well. This scene pulls at the strings of my iphone which I lift and capture without thought.

One thought on “Priest Lake Moods

  1. Wonderful find! Dwayne it a great experience for you in these wild places. Like a dream long lost. Coming back.

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