The Mountain Meadow at Sundance Estate

Private, Timeless Mountain Meadow Walk

You think you’ve experienced everything, but most people in the world today have no idea what it is like to walk a mile or two through a true mountain meadow, a timeless ecosystem of natural grasses, wild game, cold stream water and extraordinary views.
Come with me; let me take you through a small gallery of pictures to bait the way.

My hand points the way to a dream walk through this private, timeless mountain meadow on Sundance Estate.

The Meadow Walk Starts Here

You’ve just left the house. You have a water bottle and a goal. You’re going to trek the 2 mile trail built for this purpose that circles the 105-acre Sundance Estate. You’ve travelled a bit to get here. Leaving the job and the city and its stresses behind, you are here to breath the fresh air and take in the relaxation that comes with this pure mountain solitude.

Just beyond the gate, across the lawn is a path that takes you full circle around a property you’ll likely never forget. All you have to do is walk it.

A utility road starts the well-groomed path around Sundance Estate. It’s never the same old walk; there’s always something new, something fresh or exciting.

Long Walk to the Far End

There’s nothing short about it. It’s a good work out for an old timer like me. But that’s part of what I like about the Sundance Meadow. When I walk away from the house, I’m walking away from just about everything in my known world. I’m walking into a new environment; yet familiar, it is at the same time unique and stimulating. I am never quite sure what to expect and therefore, I have my eyes open and my ears are keened.

That long stretch toward the distant knob is a scenic view of the Sundance Estate Meadow. Lee Lake is just beyond those first far trees on the left. Your house is on the right far beyond the small peninsula of fir.

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