Solar Storms To Hit Northern Hemisphere Thursday thru Friday

If 2 Hurricanes Aren’t Enough

This month of September 2017 has already proven to be historically one of the most cataclysmic rife-ridden months in recorded history. I’m almost tired of looking at news. But despite the lack of good things, I have to bring you this excellent space weather report by Dr. Tamitha Skov. Yes…Space Weather. Would you even imagine that there is weather out there in the cosmos? Well, there is. From solar flares to super novas, the vast infinity of the Universe is full of activity.

Watch this excellent and most timely report by Dr. Skov:

Why do we need to understand this kind of reporting? Because a solar flare in the X5 category or greater, exploding from sunspots along directional paths somewhat guided by magnetic fields, can, if large enough, negatively affect the electric grids on our entire planet.

Devastation Has No Friend

Are these activities related to the unreasonable, unseasonable devastation we’re seeing everywhere in hurricanes, droughts, fires and even earthquakes?

Here’s a clip of the devastation left behind in St. Maartens (St. Martins) after Irma went through with winds as high as 185 mph.

To answer my question, are all these natural disasters related to sun spots and solar storms?

I suppose that’s possible. But I’m not a scientist, not an astronomer, not a physicist. I’m just a blogger with an interest in being prepared. But the question remains, are solar storms involved in the precipitation of hurricanes and drought-caused forest fires so prevalent in the western states?

Here’s another video for you to sleep on…if you can. This one shows the devastation on Barbuda, which was nearly wiped clean. Even the automated camera that recorded this devastation was destroyed by it, as you’ll soon see.

Can you imagine the power of that wind? There’s hardly anything left on Barbuda according to videos and reports coming in.

Likely, I’ll have more to share.

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