A Witness to Teens Filming as they tossed Firecrackers Into Columbia River Gorge

Dwayne Parsons’ Commentary below regarding an excellent news story posted in the Willamette Week paper by News Reporter Katie Shepherd
Dramatic photo of Eagle Creek Fire, dated Sept 5, comes from KATU-TV, photo ID# DI-16hVV4AAoOU8.

Fire in the Columbia River Gorge

We live in an extremely dangerous time. Here is a quote from the woman who witnessed the teens who, for something to film, lobbed the smoke bomb that caused the historic destruction of one of America’s favorite drives:

“Just as I was passing them I said ‘Do you realize you just started a forest fire?’ and the kid said, ‘Well, what are we supposed to do about it now?’”

So do we call that “apathy”? What detached motivation rides through some that would inspire this kind of stupidity? An intentional action, to capture on film, the starting of a fire, followed by a collective kind of glee that they were getting away with something, is almost unimaginable to me.

In the larger picture, it points toward an almost suicidal tendency toward expressing a form of boredom or dissatisfaction with one’s personal life that they could openly, wantonly disrupt and destroy an environment so beautiful and important to so many people.

My candid opinion is that it’s a disease of self largely caused by the total absence of God in their lives. Certainly there could be no understanding or appreciation for nature and other people beyond a moment of self-gratification and the subsequent group rush to get away with it.

Source: Woman Witnessed Teen Tossing Firecrackers Into Gorge: “There Was a Whole Group of Kids Who Found It Funny To Do This”

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