I Dream Piano

From TEDMED, this performance by 24 piano players on one grand piano leaves me speechless (and dancing!)

Piano of which I can only Dream

I have to bring this over to you from YouTube. My brother, a Russian Orthodox Abbott of a Monastery near Seattle sends me these things on occasion because he knows I’m an improv pianist.

Fact is, I’ve only played my own music for now 39 years since starting basically at the age of 30. I never set out to be a piano player, but I am one. Whole heartedly. I play with passion and feeling and I love to perform.

Sometimes, on the best nights, I will actually dream piano music. More than once I was awakened in the middle of night with a clear melody and if I was lucky, I got to a piano soon enough not to lose it.

But Never Music Like This

I have to applaud these fine academic master pianists. Only written music can be performed like this, in such perfection. Decide for yourself. My improv efforts, in the very best moments of my long path have never come close to what you are about to hear.

From the Washington Conservatory of Music:

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