Forest Bathing for Digital Detox

Immerse Yourself in a Living Forest

The idea is instinctive. It’s why so many people say claim that a deep forest experience is refreshing, invigorating and renewing. Thank you, Almie Bidlack. I followed the source links below to a post on a travel blog I really like and from it a Japanese concept called shinrin-yoku which means in essence the act of immersing yourself in a forest ecosystem for the purpose of healing.

The concept was crystalized in my consciousness from a February 2014 blog post from the administrator of SublimeVacation. I wish I had their name to share, but I couldn’t find it.

I think I’ll go for a walk among the trees.


The idea meets me right in the heart of my soul. Forest bathing explains quickly something I’ve know about myself for years and justifies my need to get off the street and walk through tall trees in quiet, green verdure with only the sound of birds here and there or insects, maybe an occasional tree frog speaking to me.

When I do this, when I take the initiative to step away on a solo walk in this manner, I come back refreshed, even exhilarated and certainly renewed in spirit.

It’s why I live so near a forested area, practically in the trees.

A simple path through a living forest is restive to the spirit, good for the soul and peaceful for the mind.

So What Do You Think?

Is it time you went bathing in a forest? If you are attracted to this idea, then come back to this site again, because I’ll have many posts about such walks. I just “can’t hep it” as one friend chides. He says it that way to mean he just can’t help himself…he has to go for Shinrin-yoku just to remain sane.

Live life to the fullest. This was one of the top New Year’s resolutions this year, so it’s no surprise that travel habits are becoming more adventurous and personalized. Baby boomers prefer popular tourist attractions, while millennials seek authentic cultural experiences. In fact, they’re more likely to spend their money on these moments than material objects.

Doesn’t this just feel like a great idea? If you drove home today in thick traffic, I know you get my point. If you were down in Texas or Louisiana today wading through the soaking mess of receding water everywhere, then I know you get my drift. As soon as you can, immerse yourself in a forest.

Source: Forest bathing, why you should do it, and 25 other travel trends in 2017

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