Your Right to Water

Your Water Rights may be your most important asset

Adjudication is moving up the Panhandle corridor. There is a lot of fear around it, some of it unfounded.

Nonetheless, if you live in the Bayview area, that stretch across the Panhandle between Bayview and Spirit Lake, including Athol and Rathdrum, Blanchard and all the rural areas in the old Basin 96, you need to know that your water right now has a new number allocated to it. Basin 95 has expanded to include this area.

This pdf (follow the link) will show you who’s water right numbers have been changed. It lists the old numbers on the left, gives the name of the holders in the middle and their new numbers on the right.

Seems you ought to know. If you ever have a dispute or a question, that’s the number you are going to want to bring forward in your discussion.

Click HERE for the pdf.

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