Portland & Seattle: Near Record Demands on Electricity

The Result of Grid Dependence

Having a ready supply of electricity coming in off the grid is certainly handy. It is so handy in fact that it inadvertently creates dependence from the larger portion of the population, even in rural sectors.

You might expect that in a cold winter, but here’s the facts of a particularly hot and sunny Pacific Northwest summer:

The multiple record-breaking heat waves that struck the Pacific Northwest this summer led, in turn, to record-breaking electricity demand in the region, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

News from the Daily Energy Insider

Kevin Randolph, who published the report also noted…

The highest temperatures occurred on Aug. 3 when Portland reached 105 degrees and Seattle reached 94 degrees, which are 23 degrees and 17 degrees higher than the respective 30-year average highs for those cities.

Here’s the rest of Randolph’s insight into the high cost of electrical demand in the Pacific Northwest for the summer of 2017:

Source: Pacific Northwest heat wave sparks record-high electricity demand – Daily Energy Insider

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