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Original Photo and news story from ABC News Michael Edison Hayden & Julia Jacobo

[This post is from another prepper property, the Flying Arrow Waterfront on Coeur d’Alene Lake in Kootenai County.]

Here is a quote from the Flying Arrow commentary:

A terrifying tweet was sent out over Twitter early this morning by a Brazoria county official in a desperate attempt to reach as many people as possible over a breach in the county’s levee. “NOTICE: The levee at Columbia Lakes has been breached!! GET OUT NOW!!!” Hurricane Harvey devastates Texas […]

Calamity Hits Hurricane Hard

When tragedy strikes on the scale of Hurricane Harvey, there’s not a lot many of us can do. We watch the news spell bound, sometimes in shock, sometimes in fear and worry and sometimes, though we pray for those involved, we count ourselves blessed that we are not among them.

This recent post from the Flying Arrow Waterfront website, gives proper credit to ABC News reporting team MICHAEL EDISON HAYDEN & JULIA JACOBO for the story, though the commentary on their story has an interesting take. Tragedy on this scale brings out words in writers and we find, in Alan Golub, another kind of story teller. The Digital Age has brought forth a leader in this new art form. It shows his soul and demonstrates his heart for recognizing the heroes and heroins of our world. I re-publish this commentary with my own because I feel the whole story is worth telling.

You can read it at its source below.

Source: Brazoria County Levee Gives Way near Houston – Flying Arrow Water Front Property

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