Whitetail Ranch Road

Aerial Photo by Eric Anderson

Why You Choose to Live Here

Think about it. You and your grown family live in the suburbs of some large metropolitan sprawl with its inherent grid lock where your daily commute takes an hour or two one way to get to a job you’ve begun to hate, at best resent for the time it takes away from your life.

Is this why you are alive? To live as a modern slave to a job and a lifestyle where there is little or no time for life, for happiness, for friends?

We had this discussion on the property we call The Whitetail Ranch by the name of dirt road you travel the short distance to get into it. We’d gathered around an outdoor fire pit housed in a truck-tire wheel where a standup grill had been placed above coals on which to cook our incredibly tasty hamburgers. There was a bunch of us, all friends.

Why Its Now Available

People move for any number of reasons. This couple, for whom the sending party was gathered, are Modern Preppers. Recently married, he was relocating her to another redoubt area far away and far more tropical.
So I was referred by one of the other couples present in the send-off, referred because I’m a ruralite; I know the lifestyle, the hard work, the fine pleasures and the reasons we live in a redoubt area. I was and am delighted to represent this property for the fine folks who now have left it for another.

Primary Property Attributes

This premium 34.18 acres has two modular homes close together set on cement slabs. They are made real property by the now permanently fixed, large solid, covered decks. The larger of the two also has an attached 2-car garage with an office, craft room or workshop on the opposite side away from the house.

The houses are on separate wells. A common septic pumps from both into a drainfield away from both houses. A forest of diverse tree species spreads out on flat ground providing forest-trail walks and good hunting. Moose, whitetail deer and elk frequent the timber central to the big game crossing this area between the Selkirk Mountains on the west and the Cabinet Mountain range to the east.

This property has been ramped up for sustainable living. It has a number of outbuildings for storage, sheds and stock. With a few technological adaptations, you’d be set for prime Prepper-ready estate. It is country living with woodlot acreage, some pasture and lots of outdoor recreation and scenic beauty all around.

I’ll be posting and back-linking about this property on a steady basis…until it sells. I’ll be bringing a lot of material forward as I paint the picture of why we think and act like Modern Preppers. I’ll add knowledge, some just learned. I’ll bring wisdom too, hard earned. I have a lifetime of living in this part of the world. I grew up in the area and I’ll give it all to those who choose to come here.

The foundation of my heart as a Realtor is the core belief, that if you are smart enough to escape the city in this time and era where the dangers of mass living are certainly escalating, then I’m here ready and willing to help you make the move. You can contact me here. Please register on that site as well.


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