Light Everywhere in Total Darkness

Bioluminescence is not rare, scientists have learned. It is so common in the oceans that it ranks as one of the planet’s dominant traits.

Bioluminescence: Illogical Biological Phenomena

Bioluminescence is a biological phenomenon once thought rather rare, now being recognized as incredibly common among creatures deep in the oceans where surface light simply does not penetrate.

Why This Link?

Why would I post this for the Modern Prepper?

Because it touches the creative mind with innovation and that, my friend, is behind everything we do as Modern Preppers. We innovate. We recognize the darkness all around us (metaphorically) and because we recognize this dark world for what it is, this place where we spend our lives in play and work and family life, we innovate to stay alive as a future reality grows closer and more threatening all the time.

My Great Desire

My one hope, in posting a bibliographic link to this fascinating New York Times science article by William J. Broad, is that one or more of my readers or colleagues might gain insight and dream of ways, in the midst of darkness, to sustain life for all of us.

What happens when the nationwide electric grid goes down for any lengthy period for any reason imaginable? Maybe articles such as this posted in the Modern Prepper will set the seed of enlightenment in some young or old reader who, because of the seed now planted, innovates a way to see through the darkness, stimulated by a myriad diverse collection of creatures in the deep that have been living in light since time began.

Please read this enlightening piece and plant the seed deep in your mind and heart:

Source: The Deep Seas Are Alive With Light

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