Jordan Nichols: Our Generation

Jordan Nichols is a 14 year old boy who wrote a poem for fun. But after sharing it with his brother Derek, the elder sibling came to the realisation that the poem was in fact incredibly profound and wise.

You will read this, I hope. It may at first appear apathetic, even hopeless; but when you get to the bottom of it, I want you to do what you hardly ever do with a piece that has already set you in a sour mood.

Read it from the bottom up!

That’s right. Line by line, read it again from the bottom up. You will discover something about this incredible young man, Jordan Nichols, age 14. And it will change your mood from soured to…well, see for yourself.

This piece, because it is profound, went viral as one person after another passed it around calling attention to the way it is crafted.

Here in, lies Hope. Jordan Nichols is a Modern Prepper.

Source: This 14 Year Old Wrote A Simple Poem That Has Left The World Stunned.

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