5 Attributes of Sustainable Land

5 Attributes of Sustainable Land

The word sustainable certainly implies you plan on being there awhile, that the purchase of the raw land you’ve been long searching to own has all the features of long term possibility.
Good! You are thinking along correct lines of logic. In short, here are the 5 characteristics:

1. good water
2. rich topsoil
3. healthy timber
4. southern exposure
5. room to build

Let’s examine what these attributes look like in a North Idaho property.

This property is located semi-remote a couple of miles up Whittum Road on a ridge overlooking the Hoodoo valley. It’s 40-acres with plenty of room for a good house and several outbuildings. The timber is diverse, not too thick, even harvestable in part. That means there’s plenty of wood on this land for lumber and firewood for years if managed properly.

Southern exposure is strong here. That means early snow-melt and longer growing season. Much of the property faces southeast meaning it catches an early morning garden sunlight, cooling toward late afternoon and evening in the summer months.

The water source is a spring, being developed, near where the man is seen in the photo above. Being ridge top, this land is parsed with broken and solid granite. Some of the top soil is shallow, needing management; but in the recessions, it is deep enough to nurture good gardening.

For more detail information, contact me. I need a phone number and email. I’m happy and proud to show this property by appointment. Fill out the Contact information here, referring to “Whittum Road property.”

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