Temporary Closure to Private Land Hunting near Coeur d’ Alene: Fire Danger

Idaho Fish & Game Press Release

The Godde / Mica Bay Access Program will be temporarily delayed in the fall of 2017 due to extreme fire danger. Although the property is normally open for fall access starting on September 6, that is not the case in 2017.
For updates and status changes, please visit the Idaho Fish and Game website’s “Panhandle Region” page.  When the landowners are comfortable with fire conditions, we will immediately make a change to this posting.
No access will be allowed prior to that time. Since 2011, the Mica Bay Land Company and the Godde Family have been very generous to allow hunters to access about 22,000 acres of previously inaccessible private property near Coeur d’Alene. They initiated and entered into a public access program to allow hunting in cooperation with Fish and Game.

Although the permit says that you are welcome to enter the property starting September 6, that date is no longer accurate.

Hunters are required to sign a contract agreeing to certain rules, and to pick up a free permit at the Fish and Game office that allows individuals to access the property. This program is still ongoing, and our hope is to continue it for many years. However, the current fire danger has led the owners of the property to follow suit with other land managers and close the property to all entry until the fire danger decreases.

No more permits will be issued until there is a significant change in conditions and the decision is made to once again open the property to access. Permits have already been issued to some individuals. Those permits were issued before fire danger became extreme. The property will remain closed to ALL human entry until further notice. Fish and Game is currently attempting to contact everyone who has a current permit to notify them of the closure.

Source: Fire danger forces temporary closure to private land hunting area near Coeur d’ Alene

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