The Abomination of Transhumanism

Last week in TAC, Zoltan Istvan wrote about “The Growing World of Libertarian Transhumanism” linking the transhumanist movement with all of its features—like cyborgs, human robots and designer babies–to the ideas of liberty. To say Mr. Istvan is mistaken in his assessment is an understatement. Transhumanism should be rejected by libertarians as an abomination of human evolution.    ~Kai Weiss

Photo credit: Sarah Holmlund/Shutterstock

The author of the article below in The American Conservative, Kai Weiss is a student of International Relations employed with the Austrian Economics Center and Hayek Institute in Vienna, Austria. Where mankind without God wants to go in experimenting with technological capability is not only horrific and potentially disastrous; it is an abomination.

It’s man without God. What else can I say?

Source: Transhumanism Is Not Libertarian, It’s an Abomination

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