An American ‘Guernica’: Captures A Split Second of Terror

Ryan Kelly’s iconic photograph from Charlottesville evokes a ‘Unite the Right’ moment from 1937 – and the anti-war masterpiece by Picasso that emerged from it.

In the interest of truth, this incredible, terrible moment of intended harm was serendipitously captured for perpetuity. It’s shocking power and the politics of fear behind this dark action are enunciated in the poignancy of such a terror attack.

Please read the article below brought to us from The Conversation, an Australian-based news magazine. Written by Jennifer Wenzel, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies; her article along with Kelly’s captured moment, will open your eyes to the ugly truth of radical terrorism and it’s brutal intention to manifest fear through senseless killing.

Source: Is Ryan Kelly’s iconic photograph an American ‘Guernica’?

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