A House Made Ready

Serenity Place…sounds peaceful, somehow secure. That’s the name of the subdivision where this unique property sits in its corner against the base of the Selkirk Mountains. Only minutes from downtown shopping, entertainment and fine restaurants, this Modern Prepper’s “sleeper” is everything an advanced prepper wants and should have.

When I listed this, I asked the owner what inspired him to add these powerful, well-thought systems to his otherwise fairly average high-end home in Sandpoint.

He started with the importance of water. If you don’t have water, he explained, “you will sooner or later die, and it won’t be pretty.”

He went into an enlightening, rather long dialogue and by the time he’d finished showing me the several systems he’d built intelligently into his fine house, I was hooked. I am now, thanks to my client friend, a modern prepper, highly interested in everything we do and can do to protect ourselves against almost any kind of disaster whether man-made or naturally caused. By the time he’d finished, I knew what an EMP attack was and understood the damage such an event could bring to the electrical grid of any country unfortunate enough to experience such an event.

It starts with water, he explained. Water flushes the crap out of our toilets. We cook with water, we clean with water. What makes the water happen in your house? Electricity, of course.

An EMP attack could cut off our water supply whether on city water or private well, because the systems that pump water are dependent largely on the electric grid most of us have learned to depend on.

EMP stands for ElectroMagnetic Pulse. It is the split-second pulse that precedes a nuclear blast. A high altitude nuclear blast could cut power instantly. Any electrical system, even that in automobiles, gas pumps, heat sources–all would be shut down. Think about it. Shut down water in a city or in a skyscraper and what do you have? No place to go to the bathroom beyond the first few moments of use in a pitch dark facility. How many public bathrooms do you know of that have daylight windows?

It’s not a joke. It’s a very serious matter. We are dependent on electricity to pump water. Cutting the electricity means cutting the water source out and that means feces and urine pile-up, and rapidly at that from a frightened, panic-stricken population. Piles of crap and urine soon give way to very unsanitary conditions.

Please follow me on this blog. As I post articles about this man’s important knowledge and show you his house in the process, I will bring an awareness before you that shows the real value of what he’s installed in this Sandpoint Sleeper.

I call it that, because I grew up in the 60’s of the last century. As we moved into the 70’s and 80’s, it was commonplace to tag a hot Chevy as a “sleeper” especially if the powerful street rod looked like, well, crap. How quaint is that? A sleeper won more bets in drag races. It’s an age-old, clever craft of sports betting.

Stay tuned. Come back. You won’t want to miss what we’re teaching here. And you’ll get to see the intricacies of a house made ready.

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