Lake Coeur Alene: Flying Arrow Water Front

Just a couple of evenings past, I visited a Coeur d’Alene Lakefront property I used to represent. The owner has become a great friend and though the property is a bit far for me to show as a Realtor, it’s not too far for a photo safari.

The incredible sunsets I’ve seen there are just so worth the time it takes. Just over the shoulders of that boat captain cruising peacefully through Moscow Bay toward the public boat launch another mile in front of him, is the outline of Mount Spokane, in Washington State.

That small mound directly above his wake, across the calm water is Coeur d’Alene’s famous walk-around park, Tubb’s Hill. It’s hiding the lights of the Coeur d’Alene Resort Hotel with it’s world class golf course and famous floating green, known internationally, because it sits like a castle, just on the other side of that distant shadowed hill.

I took a couple of dozen photos waiting for that boat to be where it’s at in this one. The burley old jack pine gave me a frame and helped hide my lens from the direct glare. It’s magic, what happens sometimes. Taking photos like this is like capturing a beautiful wild animal on your lens, saved for posterity rather than consumed in the belly. The great thing about photography like this is that I can share it. I can pass the memory on to whomever wants to enjoy it.

There’s a lot more and will be much more as I build-out the Flying Arrow Water Front site. I hope you’ll take time to go there, even now and see for yourself. If you like it, subscribe or comment. You have nothing to lose and may a whole lot of photographic memorabilia enjoy. I won’t sell your email to anybody and I won’t hassle you to buy this or any other property. I’m like a little boy, really, who holds up his first caught fish with glee and says, “Look, Mom! Look what I caught!”

That’s my motive, pure and simple.

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