Being Prepared

Being prepared is not just a matter of getting away to a beautiful remote setting. That might help. We have lots of settings like this ranch scene north of Bonners Ferry, in this case looking into the mountains of British Columbia. But being prepared is not about remote locations, though for some the idea includes that.

But let’s face it. Most modern preppers live in towns or in cities and large metropolitan areas. They are just as smart and just as savvy as those who have already made the leap to places like Coeur d’Alene, or Sandpoint in the Panhandle of Idaho, and outward from these more significantly visible resort towns.

If you are set on making a move, it looks more and more like the idea of escaping the city, of heading to redoubt locations like Idaho’s Panhandle and parts of Montana is good thinking. Please follow me on this site, because as a Realtor, land and preparation are two of my passions. I grew up in the Panhandle. I have a great and expanding knowledge of what’s here and what’s coming and what may jeopardize your plan to relocate. Follow me on this site. I have volumes to share with you.

Dwayne Parsons, Realtor
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